Tamworth Community College

Which Level Is Right For You?

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the national policy for regulated qualifications in Australia. It incorporates qualifications from each education sector – schools, vocational education and training (VET) and higher education – into a single comprehensive framework.

TCC offers five of the seven AQF levels that apply to the Australian VET system. Our friendly team can help you to select the right qualification level to suit your needs and goals.

Certificate I

Certificate I level qualifications cover base-level knowledge and skills for entry into the workforce, community involvement and/or further learning.

Certificate II

Certificate II level qualifications prepare students for entry-level positions in a variety of industries. As well as providing basic knowledge, technical and communication skills, a Certificate II demonstrates to a potential employer that you’re actively interested in their industry.

Certificate III

Certificate III graduates will have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to apply in the workplace immediately. Certificate III level qualifications are ideal for those wanting to move out of entry-level roles, pursue a career, formalise existing skills or undertake further training.

Certificate IV

Certificate IV graduates will have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for specialised and skilled work, such as those in supervisory and management positions.

Certificate IV level qualifications are perfect for those who want to advance their careers in the industry they already work in or to specialise in a particular area of interest.


Diploma level graduates will have broad and in-depth knowledge and skills that can be applied at a management level in a variety of industries. They will apply knowledge and skills to demonstrate autonomy, judgement and defined responsibility. Diploma level graduates will develop comprehensive knowledge and skills in leadership, planning and innovation.

Our friendly team can assist students to select the right training level and study mode for their individual needs and goals.