Tamworth Community College

Imagine trying to follow a recipe when the words and numbers just don’t make sense. Shop for ingredients when you can’t read the names on packets, bags, and boxes. Or order from a cafe when you can’t read the menu..

Meet Tamworth Community College LLN student, Grahame Neville.

Grahame completed studies in Certificate II Work and Vocational Pathways and Computing for Work at Tamworth Community College. He has been employed in the Linen/Laundry Operations department at Tamworth Base Hospital for more than 28 years. Throughout his time in this role, Grahame had been unable to transition to a promoted role due to his level of language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills.

For this reason, he initially enrolled at Tamworth Community College.

Over time Grahame improved his LLN skills and developed the confidence that helped him to participate in the televised SBS Series Lost for Words in 2022. Lost for Words follows eight everyday Australians that struggle to read and write enter into a nine-week education program run by two expert adult literacy teachers, with a bespoke approach centered around real-life challenges. In November 2022, Grahame also participated in a discussion panel at the CCA 2022 Sydney Conference.

Grahame’s trainer comments that he is “resilient, motivated, likeable, committed and has an excellent work ethic.”
Tamworth Community College and our Trainer, Cheryl Wilson, are very proud to be part of his learning story.