Tamworth Community College


At Tamworth Community College we are dedicated to helping our students reach their individual goals through innovative and engaging training opportunities. Whether you are seeking the introductory skills to enter the workforce, are looking to retrain and change paths, or want to formalise years of experience, we can assist you on your journey to learning.

Our student support officers and training team provide specialist support, guidance and advice to our students with the aim to assist students to find the course to achieve their educational and career dreams.

Our team can assist you to:

  • Select the course to suit your personal experience and skill level

  • Customise the delivery mode to suit your preferred study method and availability

  • Access required support and guidance throughout your training

  • Plan for future education and employment

What is pathway planning?

We’ve developed our pathway planning process to be flexible and responsive to individual student needs, meaning students can access support that is designed just for them.

Whether searching for a first job, seeking a career change or re-entering the workforce, it can be a daunting process.  Pathway planning is intended to break that process down into achievable steps, helping students to access advice and undertake training that will help them to build the skills and confidence needed to take the next step in their career

A pathway planning session offers students a structured self-assessment process that covers setting goals, identifying skills and knowledge, determining support requirements and preparing to undertake studies.  It’s a unique chance to take an objective look at your career goals and training needs in order to develop an achievable pathway plan.

Getting started is as simple as booking a time that suits you. Contact our friendly team today.