Tamworth Community College

Japanese Cooking - Sushi & Sashimi

In this fun class, you will learn how to select appropriate fish and shellfish for Sushi and Sashimi, make Sushi Rice and gather the correct ingredients for this traditional plate of Japanese delicacies. You will amaze yourself as you gain skills and techniques in preparing the seafood and cutting the fish to make different types of Sushi.

You will also experience the artistic skills involved in arranging your delicacies and which condiments to serve them with. With some practice, you will impress your dinner guests with your newfound culinary skills. We will also use traditional Japanese equipment and knives as you assist the Chef in preparing various dishes.

You will learn where to purchase seafood and fish locally, which is appropriate for Japanese cuisine.

At the end of the lesson, you will be able to taste the foods you have made with your new culinary friends.

Your Chef will be Barry Pawsey.