Tamworth Community College

Italian Cooking - Gnocchi Making

Making Gnocchi by hand is a most rewarding experience for you, as the person making this wonderful traditional Italian dish, and your family and dinner guests who will be enthralled by your skills, developed with a little ongoing practice.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can experiment with different sauces or try flavouring your Gnocchi with other flavoured ingredients.

In class, we will make the traditional Gnocchi Matriciana. The Gnocchi is made from potato, flour, butter and eggs, hand-rolled to create the traditional shape. We will make, from scratch, an authentic Italian sauce using fresh tomato, Guanciale (Smoked Pork), garlic, chilli and Parmesan cheese.

During the lesson, you will assist our Chef in making the Gnocchi and the sauce. Then, sit down to eat and experience these wonderful authentic Italian flavours with a glass of Chianti and your new culinary friends.

Your Chef will be Barry Pawsey.