Tamworth Community College

There's an undeniable power in a story of transformation, resilience, and success - a story like Gabby Siddons's. After completing Year 12, uncertainty loomed large over Gabby's path forward. With aspirations clouded by indecision, she considered a gap year as the next step. Little did she know that employment at Parry Logistics and a fortuitous partnership with Tamworth Community College (TCC) would reshape her educational journey.

"I was unsure of what to do after leaving school," Gabby shares. "But the Certificate III in Business Administration at TCC turned out to be much better than just completing Year 12. It was the stepping stone I needed."

With guidance from TCC's approachable and knowledgeable trainers, who Gabby fondly describes as "friends who help you," she unearthed a hidden passion for Payroll—a segment of the course that piqued her interest and charted a clear course for her career. Today, Gabby proudly processes payroll in her workplace along with other tasks, showcasing skills that have earned her employer's appreciation and support.

Despite her initial reservations about subjects like Workplace Health and safety (WHS), Gabby's dedication never wavered. Her fortnightly sessions at TCC became seeds of confidence, blossoming into her bold decision to pursue an Accounting degree at Charles Sturt University.

Gabby's trainer, Julie Bevitt, admires her trajectory: "Gabby's hard work radiated in her assignments and eagerness to apply what she learned. Observing her growth and enthusiasm for her new responsibilities was a gratifying experience for all of us at TCC."

Gabby's experience exemplifies TCC's commitment to fostering talent and enabling transitions—forging pathways to further employment, education and opportunities. And the ability to earn while you learn only sweetens the pot. "TCC is not just cheaper than university; it gives you skills that make a difference in a flexible way," Gabby insists.

Her final message to those standing at life's crossroads resonates with genuine endorsement: "If you're uncertain about your future after Year 12, you can't go wrong with a traineeship completed in partnership with Tamworth Community College."