Tamworth Community College

Reward your staff with professional development

Professional development can be a positive and effective way to engage and reward your staff. Providing staff with training and professional development can assist to:

  • Improve process and productivity
  • Achieve organisational goals and strategic objectives
  • Improve the level of service delivered to your customers
  • Improve morale and staff satisfaction, and lower staff turnover and recruitment costs
  • Achieve best practice
  • Maximise profits and outcomes

If you’re working to achieve one or more of these results, our team can work with you to develop a meaningful training strategy for your team.  

At Tamworth Community College, our team are highly experienced in providing business and management training that can be applied across a range of industry sectors.  We’ll work with you to:

  • Develop a training and development strategy to suit your needs
  • Customise training and tailor resources to support real situations and/or projects in your organisation
  • Assess the gap between existing and desired performance and tailor training to address the performance gap
  • Measure and evaluate the benefits of your investment in training

Our flexible delivery options mean that you can adapt a schedule and training method that will suit your workplace.  Training can be delivered on the job via work-based training or here at the College via facilitated workshops.